Below are links to a series of short videos that define an approach to the various aspects of enabling B2B sellers.

Sales Enablement in Context (10:10)
The Seller Perspective (2:37)
Sales Enablement Metrics (2:50)
A New Model for Sales Training (2:49)
Organizing Sales Content (1:46)
The Sales Software Ecosystem (2:16)

White Papers

Enablio offers a comprehensive approach for galvanizing corporate functions and departments in order to improve sales productivity. The documents available below provide the context and rationale for adopting an integrated go-to-market approach, oriented to the needs of sellers.

A Primer For Sales Enablement Metrics

Sales vs. Marketing: Sales Management Sets the Priorities in Go-to-Market Planning
(plus, How to Go to Market)

Why Content Management Fails Sales Enablement (plus, New Models for Structuring Sales Training and Content)